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Shout Out from Client Director

Shout Out from Client Director

Guys, this dude is phenomenal! I’m so very impressed.
Our Tech Lead, Scott, is on an extended out of country vacation and our new Tech Lead is just that – new. Mohammed has stepped up to show leadership, incredible competency, and a willingness to go the extra mile without even being asked to.
You know how busy I am – unfortunately it means I don’t often have time to provide feedback unless there is a problem. I’m taking the time for this guy. He’s worth it!

I would like to consider him for a perm position IF I can get a spot opened AND if he’s interested. It would be a few months down the road, but he’s definitely the kind of person we’d like to have long term.

Thank you for him and PLEASE do what you can to keep him happy 😊



| Director | IFS Solution Architect